1 July 2021

System of screening and management: an intelligent system for epidemiological control

By editor

With the recent advent of the Covid 19 pandemic, the various countries have equipped to be able to create applications that can provide a tracking of the contagion. All tracking applications, contact tracing or exposure notification, operate on Bluetooth ENERGY TECHNOLOGY. This allows the application downloaded to people’s mobile phones, not to consume a lot of energy, although constantly in operation.

Apart from contract tracing or exposure notification itself, the IT-HEALTH application developed by INMM also allows the disclosure to the competent bodies of the so-called health card, a database card able to contain all the health information of the person. This finds a particular utility base in border posts, where the personnel in charge are tasked with carrying out all the necessary control operations, so that the person arriving from abroad is not infected and, therefore, cannot further contribute to the spread of the pandemic.

How do you access the person’s health card and how does the System of screening and management work?

First of all, it must be said that access to personal data is only permitted to staff who have access authorisations, that is, staff officially responsible for the tracking of health data.

IT-HEALTH is designed for the collection of clinical data inserted by the data subject’s device through an intuitive intelligent system. A special memory card containing the entire clinical history of the person and providing a complete view also of all the interventions performed in this regard, such as the results of tests performed with rhinopharyngeal swab, antibody tests, etc. In addition, the equipment allows the printing of data in electronic format.

In the case of a person from an endemic risk zone, IT-HEALTH sends an alert message to the operations center, so as to allow the competent authorities to take measures necessary to contain the contagion.

The IT-HEALTH System of screening and management represents, especially in this particular period, an extremely useful support for epidemiological containment.