6 October 2021

Waste compactor: the advantages of compaction of waste in the company and in the home

By editor

The waste compactor, or the stationary waste compactor, plays a fundamental role in waste disposal, significantly reducing the volume of the footprint and allowing the insertion of as much material as possible into the appropriate containers.

Think of plastic bottles at home: only for those you need a container that is too large, while by purchasing a waste compactor you can also solve the problems of space in the kitchen, making it more functional. By minimizing the size of the waste you can dispose of the garbage that is created both in your company and at home in a more organized way.

The waste compactor works thanks to an internal motor that allows two functions that are fundamental for the success of the compression.
The first function allows you to minimize the volume of waste, eliminating all empty spaces inside the plastic bottle (if we want to continue following the example we mentioned above).

The second involves the union of the waste between them, so as not to leave even a free space and compact everything to the maximum.
Based on the use that you will have to make of them, you will have to consider a particular model, because they have been made to work with consistent specifications. There are some waste compactors that only act on certain types of materials. For example, those that compact glass do not compact plastic.

R4 is one of the most competent companies in the waste compactor sector: they boast collaborations and supplies for Amazon, Barilla, Coop, Ferrero, Ikea, Lamborghini.

By contacting the Italian office located in the province of Brescia, by filling out the form on the official website, you can speak directly with a consultant, explaining what your needs are and letting you advise on which models are best for your needs and interests.