26 August 2022

Rent boat lake Como: who to contact?

By editor

Rent boat lake Como

We have one of the most beautiful lakes in the world in Italy, it is Lake Como. Its panoramas, its glimpses and the small historic villages have enchanted many writers and artists over time. We think of Flaubert, Turner, Mary Shelley and Verdi, for example, who here composed some arias from La Traviata, up to the present day with George Clooney who bought a villa in these parts.

Like any other place that overlooks a stretch of water, Lake Como also expresses all its charm when seen at sea, so the best way to get around the lake is by boat. Rent boat lake Como is the best choice to enjoy a holiday with your sweetheart, or with family or friends.

Spending a day on the boat will allow you to see the villages of the lake, approaching the villas and the most characteristic views of the place and take a thousand photos. One after the other, dream villas parade on Lake Como that have had illustrious guests. Everyone talks about Obama, Versace, Bruce Springsteen, Keith Richard, Jennifer Aniston and George Clooney but Lake Como has inspired many poets and painters since the 19th century.

Rent boat lake Como with SuBacco Tourist & Natural Service to live the magnificent experience of a boat trip. SuBacco organizes exciting boat tours to discover iconic landscapes and splendid sceneries. The 1.5 hour tour will help you discover the history of this wonderful area.
While sipping a good glass of local wine, you can take many photos and listen to the story that will be told by the captain.

But in case you want to spend some intimate and romantic moments in the company of your sweetheart, SuBacco allows you to rent a private boat for 2 hours.
A license is not required to drive the boat and each boat is checked frequently by competent personnel to check the condition of all components.